Melodic Death Metal
Joni Hakulinen – Vocals
Jani Berney Mikkänen – Guitars, Vocals
Lauri Unkila – Guitars
Oskar Englund – Bass
Paul Rytkönen – Drums


Theogonia Records Unleashes The Frozen Fury Of AS THE SUN FALLS: New Album Set To Descend In Spring 2024!

AS THE SUN FALLS, the heralds of melodic death metal hailing from the frozen heart of Finland, have officially forged an unholy pact with Theogonia Records. The label, known for nurturing the most formidable forces in heavy metal, proudly welcomes this Finnish quintet into its infernal fold.

With a discography already dripping with the icy essence of death, despair, and the chilling wilderness, AS THE SUN FALLS is poised to unleash their second full-length onslaught upon the world in the spring of 2024. Following the haunting debut “Last Days of Light” in 2021 and the bone-chilling EP “Where The Silence Reigns” in 2023, the forthcoming album promises an even deeper plunge into the abyss of Finnish melancholy.

As winter winds howl and frostbite takes hold, AS THE SUN FALLS‘ music serves as a portal to the desolate beauty of their homeland. The band’s evolution, from the frost-kissed landscapes of Switzerland to the heart of Finland, mirrors their sonic metamorphosis into a relentless force of melodic death metal.

Founded in March 2020 by the mastermind Jani Berney Mikkänen, AS THE SUN FALLS has weathered lineup changes, a pandemic, and countless frozen nights to emerge stronger than ever. Now, with a lineup entirely composed of Finnish warriors, the band is poised to conquer the world.

Theogonia Records, known for unleashing the most ferocious sonic beasts, is honored to stand alongside AS THE SUN FALLS as they embark on this new chapter. The band’s message echoes through the icy winds: “We are deeply honoured to join the Family of Theogonia Records for the release of our new work. Theogonia Records stands for everything we were looking for in a Label and we are looking forward to this cooperation. The new Album will be a manifest of AS THE SUN FALLS and will write the beginning of a new Era for the band. We are certain that with Theogonia Records this Album will travel across the world and let people from around the globe dive into the deep-rooted melancholy of the north.

Prepare, metal brethren, for the sonic storm that will be unleashed in the spring of 2024. AS THE SUN FALLS, fueled by the unholy alliance with Theogonia Records, is set to cast a shadow that will envelop the globe, inviting all to dive headlong into the deep-rooted melancholy of the North.

Horns up, hearts cold, and ears ready — AS THE SUN FALLS is coming. Darkness awaits, and Theogonia Records proudly welcomes you to the abyss.

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