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Prepare to descend into the abyssal depths of the human soul as Theogonia Records proudly unveils its latest offering of sonic malevolence. Dark Affliction, the enigmatic Greek progenitors of atmospheric black metal, are set to release their debut album, “Five Stages of Grief“, on May 24, 2024, following their recent signing with the label.

In an age where conformity reigns supreme, Dark Affliction emerges as a beacon of defiance, crafting a meticulously orchestrated opus that transcends the boundaries of conventional metal. Led by the visionary Panagiotis Christias, Dark Affliction harnesses the primal energies of Hellenic black metal, weaving them into a tapestry of haunting melodies and visceral intensity.

At the helm of this sonic tempest lies “Five Stages of Grief” – a conceptual masterpiece that delves into the darkest recesses of the human condition. Each track serves as a visceral exploration of the five psychological stages of grief, inviting listeners on a harrowing journey through denial, hate, bargaining, depression, and ultimately, acceptance.

This is not merely an album; it is a descent into the abyss, a communion with the shadows that dwell within us all. From the haunting strains of the introductory passage to the cathartic release of the closing notes, “Five Stages of Grief” immerses the listener in a realm of unbridled emotion and existential turmoil.

Join us as we unveil the next chapter in the annals of metal history. “Five Stages of Grief” beckons, a siren call amidst the chaos – heed its call, and immerse yourself in the enigma that is Dark Affliction.

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