Burial Choir - Descension Of Firmament (CD)


Catalogue: FT123
Format: Album
Type: Digipak CD
Genre: Funeral Doom Metal
Country: Finland
Release date: 19 November 2022
Label: Fallen Temple

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Finnish band Burial Choir returns with their third full-length album, “Descension Of Firmament“.

This dark funeral death doom Metal album is a masterpiece of the genre, featuring three epic tracks and 44 minutes of haunting soundscapes. The CD comes in a beautiful digipack edition that showcases the band’s attention to detail and dedication to their craft.

The breathtaking artwork and deluxe packaging perfectly complement the album’s atmospheric sound, making “Descension Of Firmament” a true collector’s item. Burial Choir takes listeners on a journey through a dark and foreboding world while the band’s musical proficiency is on full display, with crushing riffs, atmospheric passages, and powerful vocals that capture the essence of the funeral death doom Metal genre.

If you’re a fan of extreme Metal, you can’t afford to miss “Descension Of Firmament“. Get your copy today and immerse yourself in the dark and haunting world of Burial Choir.

1. Canto III.I
2. Canto III.II
3. Canto III.III