Drama Noir - A Necromancy Lore (Cassette)


Catalogue: FT88
Format: Album
Type: Cassette Tape
Genre: Black Metal
Country: Greece
Release date: 15 November 2020
Label: Fallen Temple

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Introducing “A Necromancy Lore” by Drama Noir, the Greek Atmospheric Black Metal band. Limited to only 75 copies, this cassette tape is a true collector’s item.

Featuring a striking red shell and a beautiful 8-page j-card, “A Necromancy Lore” is a work of art both musically and visually. Drama Noir’s atmospheric Black metal takes you on a journey through a mystical and haunting world, full of dark melodies and intense vocals.

Experience the raw power and energy of true Greek Black metal with Drama Noir‘s “A Necromancy Lore“. With its unique and captivating sound, Drama Noir has quickly become a rising star in the Black metal scene.


A1 Desert Draconis
A2 Chaos Melathron
A3 Luminous Seduction
A4 Devolution in the Curve of Time
B1 The Last Incantation
B2 Relics of my Enemies
B3 Witched Curse (Η κατάρα της Ηρούς)
B4 Cyber Necromancer of Doom