Fäust - Death From Beyond (CD)


Catalogue: BLP0115
Format: Album
Type: CD
Genre: Black Metal
Country: France
Release date: 27 January 2023
Label: Black Lion

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Born from the ashes of the hellish French Alps, Fäust, led by Michaël Hellström, just delivered its first record.

Death from Beyond” is an epic Black Metal album influenced by the Scandinavian scene and bands such as Dissection, Necrophobic, Watain, Sacramentum

From the majestic opening “When Death Spawns Fire” to the epic ending “Hellstorm“, this album is a real trip through darkness and chaos. With the second single “Night Eternal“, Hellström shows his abilities with songwriting to create cold, obscure but really melodic pieces.

The album was recorded in Soulreaper Studio (France) by Michaël Hellström, and mixed and mastered in Hellpass Studio (Brazil) by Marcos Cerutti. “Death from Beyond” is made for all those who worship the glorious Scandinavian scene from the ’90s.

Sharpen your scythe, enter the darkness, and beware the Death from Beyond.

1. When Death Spawn Fire
2. And All It’s Evil
3. Throne Of The Damned
4. To Death And Beyond
5. Unhallowed Souls
6. Ashes
7. Night Eternal
8. Hellstorm