Ill Tidings - Hymns To Demise (CD)


Catalogue: COP0021CD
Format: Album
Type: CD Digipack (LTD)
Genre: Black Metal
Country: Austria
Release date: 06 January 2023
Label: Cult Of Parthenope

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Austrian atmospheric black metal sensation ILL TIDINGS return with their new sophomore full-length “Hymnes To Demise”.

A manifest of seven fast-paced, hard-hitting, yet also melodic and atmospheric black metal rituals, seasoned with slight hints of dissonance. Rounded down by a fierce and versatile vocal performance and dynamic drumming, the album combines influences from both old and new movements within the genre, setting forth to delve into the depths of human existence with a bleak view.

The record is an absolute must-listen for fans of Svartidaudi, Sinmara, and Audn.

1. Void Prayer
2. Die Welt stürzt ein
3. Slaying The New Gods
4. Fires Under The Night Sky
5. Spektrales Erwachen
6. Perchtensabbat
7. No Redemption
8. Mahlstrom im Glasgefüge