Meresin - Black Messiah (CD)


Catalogue: NOX135 CD
Format: Album
Type: Jewel Case CD
Genre: Black Metal
Country: Poland
Release date: 29 Nov 2021
Label: Via Nocturna

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Coming from the informal black metal capital of Poland, Krakow, MERESIN is a mysterious black metal project that combines the best of the genre with electronics. The musicians of the project do not reveal much about themselves. They let the music and message speak for themselves. There are nine compositions on “Black Messiah“, which are a protest against ideological oppression and the enslavement of minds by the Catholic Church.

1. Black Messiah
2. Let It Burn!
3. Legions
4. Salvation by Flesh
5. Irreligious Feelings
6. Hate You!
7. Exorcism
8. Manifesto
9. Fanatic Slaves