Necronomicon - Unus (CD)


Catalogue: SOM525
Format: Album
Type: Jewel Case CD
Genre: Symphonic Blackened Death Metal
Country: Canada
Release date: 18 Oct 2019
Label: Season of Mist

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Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s legendary grimoire, Montreal’s premier blackened death metallers are back with ‘Unus‘. The record combines the furious elements of death metal with the orchestral prowess of black metal, creating the perfect synthesis of both genres. With each record NECRONOMICON has created in the span of their 31-year career, the band has steadily evolved in both sound and power; ‘Unus’ is no exception to this. To listen!

1. From Ashes Into Flesh 4:23
2. Infinitum Continuum 5:27
3. Paradise Lost 4:55
4. The Price Of A Soul (Instrumental) 1:56
5. Singularis Dominus 4:50
6. The Thousand Masks (Pharaoh Of Gods Part III) 3:20
7. Ascending The Throne Of Baator 4:54
8. Fhtagn (Instrumental) 1:59
9. Cursed MMXIX 4:13
10. Vox Draconis 4:13