Surgery - Living Dead (Cassette)


Catalogue: TGR-010
Format: Album
Type: Cassette Tape
Genre: Death Metal
Country: Slovakia
Release date: 23 February 2024
Label: Theogonia Records

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SURGERY Unleashes A Ferocious Musical Assault With Their Long-awaited Album, “Living Dead“!

In the heart of Slovakia’s harsh north, where dark and eerie forests whisper tales of metal mayhem, SURGERY rises once again with their latest album, “Living Dead“. The legendary death metal band, known for their brutal energy and uncompromising sound, is set to release their third album on February 23, 2024, in a limited cassette tape edition by Theogonia Records.

Founded by the indomitable Rado Body, SURGERY has been a driving force in the metal scene since their inception in 2003. After the disbandment of their previous project, In Silence, Rado‘s unwavering passion for metal led to the birth of SURGERY. With a lineup that has evolved over the years, SURGERY has consistently delivered powerful performances, gaining recognition not only in their native Slovakia but also on the European underground stage.

The journey of SURGERY has been marked by significant milestones, including the release of their debut EP, “Pulled by the Rope” in 2010, and their acclaimed first album, “Descent“, in 2012. The band’s international footprint expanded with their highly praised second album, “Absorbing Roots“, in 2018. Despite lineup changes, SURGERY found new life with vocalist Tomáš “Tommy” Hudáč and drummer Peter “Sedrik” Husák, solidifying their status as a formidable force in extreme metal.

Now, SURGERY is set to unleash “Living Dead” their third studio album in five years. This latest offering is a ferocious beast that combines the essence of death metal with a catchy and direct approach while staying true to their signature old-school style. Like a monstrous creature emerging from a horror tale, SURGERY‘s music demolishes everything in its path, delivering a hefty dose of fierce extreme metal to their dedicated fanbase.

To celebrate their 21st year of activity, Theogonia Records is pleased to announce the release of SURGERY‘s “Living Dead” in a limited cassette tape edition on February 23, 2024!

Don’t miss the opportunity to own this superb album and experience the relentless power of SURGERY‘s “Living Dead“. Pre-orders are available now on our official webshop and Bandcamp. Brace yourselves for a sonic onslaught like never before!

Side A
1. Living Dead
2. Zombie Influence
3. Violence
4. Intruders from Other Space

Side B
5. Last Chance
6. Death in You
7. Terror at Night
8. A Day to Die

Tomáš Hudáč – Vocals
Radoslav Body – Guitars
Róbert Hanečák – Bass
Peter Husák – Drums

Jozef “Falusoid” Kováč – Vocals on “Living Dead”
Matúš “Kuker” Jarkovský – Guitar solo on “Death in You”

All music and lyrics were written by SURGERY.
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Martin Barla at MF Studio Poprad (2022-2023).
Cover artwork by T. Kannibalet Hietomaa.