Name: Crush The Cross
Type: Fanzine (printed)
Issue: #13
Pages: 44 pages (A4)
Language: English
Country: Brazil

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Brazil’s CRUSH THE CROSS zine – Issue #13.

On the 44 pages of issue # 13 you’ll find interviews with GORGON, GALLOWER, SHADOWS HELL, SANCTIFYING RITUAL, SARTEGOS and ROTTENBROTH, as well as with Mateusz Wieteska of FORGOTTEN CHAPEL zine and Sven-Erik Kristiansen (most of you probably better known as Maniac, ex-vocalist of Norway’s MAYHEM) about his new project TERRORAKT.

CRUSH THE CROSS # 13 is filled with lots of reviews of albums, splits, EPs, demos, books, and zines, that all have been spread throughout the issue so that it never gets boring.

When it comes to the visual side, the overall quality of CRUSH THE CROSS is surprisingly good for a small underground publication. Unlike many comparable zines, which sadly often ruin their work with an overambitious chaotic layout, editor Samir Souza luckily sticks to a clearly structured presentation, which makes everything easily readable and even the pictures and graphics have good quality, due to a fine laser print.

So, if you still have a soft spot for the type of old zines that supported the underground right from the start, make sure to add this to your shopping list!

– Frank Stöverhttps://www.voicesfromthedarkside.de