Karpathian Relict - Never Be After (CD)


Catalogue: MU-KR-2023 / MEX10
Format: Album
Type: Digipak CD
Genre: Technical Death Metal
Country: Ukraine / Poland
Release date: 9 September 2023
Label: Musiko Eye / Metal Exhumator

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Karpathian Relict – Never Be After

The third album by the Ukrainian-Polish technical death metallers, Karpathian Relict. Artwork by the mighty Michal Xaay Loranc (Nile, Nomad, Pestilence, Trauma).

Digipak CD + 8 pages booklet

Andrzej Czujko (UA)
Bogdan Lewicki (UA)
Adrian Mięsowicz (PL)
Bartek Oleniacz (PL)
Mateusz Baczek (PL)


01 The Moth
02 Bury In The Past
03 Closed Book
04 Silent Waters Pt 1
05 Silent Waters Pt 2
06 Жach
07 My Anthem
08 The Masochist