Pestilential Shadows ‎- Revenant (CD)


Catalogue: Seance35
Format: Album
Type: Gatefold Digisleeve CD
Genre: Black Metal
Country: Australia
Release date: 3 September 2021
Label: Seance Records

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Revenant‘ is the highly anticipated sixth album from one of Australia’s longest-running and most respected black metal bands, PESTILENTIAL SHADOWS has been building a towering canon of work since 2003.

The shadowy collective led by founding vocalist/guitarist Balam consistently creates compelling swathes of drama and darkness, all-enveloping emotion, and regal-yet-gritty grandeur. Truly, PESTILENTIAL SHADOWS are black metal classicism par excellence.

As suggested by its namesake, ‘Revenant‘ is the unclean spirit who returns after death, re-animated with the foul breath of death. Suitably, each individual song here sees PESTILENTIAL SHADOWS explore the planes of our existence and the numerous incarnations of death.

The album’s seamless and flowing rise-and-fall, vividly illustrates its themes, presenting black metal in a plausibly professional manner without sacrificing any of the church-burning fire that so ignited the early ’90s. Revenant, then, is refreshing in its equally modern/timeless contours: darkness unbound!

1. Procession Of Souls
2. Hunter And Reaper
3. Twilight Congregation
4. The Sword Of Damocles
5. Revenant
6. Beneath The Dying Stars