Nocturnes Mist - Marquis Of Hell (CD)


Catalogue: Seance24
Format: Album
Type: Gatefold Digisleeve CD
Genre: Black Metal
Country: Australia
Release date: 13 June 2019
Label: Seance Records

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Nocturnes Mist never forsakes dynamic songwriting for mere speed and savagery because within the fangs of its fury is a masterfully interwoven malignant melody of a most diabolical cast, scorching guitar leads, and the subtle symphonic undertone of keys that ominously simmer just below the surface to craft Black Metal which is aggressive, formidable and unmistakably atmospheric.

Their fourth full-length is an album indicative of the band’s 90s roots yet imbued with immediate emotion and threat that still stirs the blood in 2019 over 20 years after the band’s formation.

1. Abyssus
2. Eyes In Fear
3. Cursed
4. War Machine
5. Wolves Of Satan
6. Marquis Of Hell
7. Summoning
8. Treacherous Ways