Tableau Mort - Visio In Somniis (CD)


Catalogue: COP0022CD
Format: Album
Type: CD Digipack (LTD)
Genre: Black Metal
Country: UK
Release date: 06 January 2023
Label: Cult Of Parthenope

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UK black metallers TABLEAU MORT new full-length “Visio In Somniis” is a doomy, bleak, harsh, and dissonant black metal opus.

Riffs and bursts of blasts blend with black gaze-y shimmering guitar tremolos, overlapping with and bleeding into keyboard accompaniments and suggestive operatics choirs.

Featuring a surprisingly melodic and classic metal-inspired sequence of guitar soloing clashing nicely with the grimmer, darker parts of the song, “Visio in Somniis” emphasizes the range that Tableau Mort have in their locker, a true must-have for fans of Deathspell Omega, Batushka, and Blut Aus Nord.

1. Metamorphosis
2. Idolatry
3. Visio In Somniis
4. Blood Echoes
5. Hope Ablaze
6. Their Throats Are Open Graves
7. The Fire, The Star
8. Candle in the Darkness