Thlipsis (Θλίψις) ‎- Dawn Of Defiance (CD)


Catalogue: FL328CD
Format: Album
Type: Digipack CD
Genre: Black Metal
Country: Greece
Release date: 15 September 2023
Label: Floga Records

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Thlipsis (Θλίψις) ‎- Dawn Of Defiance

Debut album by the Greek black metallers, Thlipsis (Greek word for “sadness”).

Limited edition digipack, 500 copies.


1. A War Handbook
2. Eternal Sleep of Agony 0
3. Acta Non Verba
4. An Open Wound
5. The Night That Wolves Were Silent
6. Rise Up (Παιδιά σηκωθείτε)
7. Enemy at the Gates (Μπήκαν στην πόλη οι οχτροί)