Celestial Wizard - Winds Of The Cosmos (CD)


Catalogue: SC420CD
Format: Album
Type: CD
Genre: Death / Power Metal
Country: USA
Release date: 03 February 2023
Label: Scarlet Records

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Power & death metal united to crash your skull!

Born from the mountains of Colorado, Celestial Wizard is blazing new trails with their aggressive, powerful sound. Pulling from both power metal and death metal, they achieve a melodic, high-intensity mix that hits just right.

Their sophomore album ‘Winds of the Cosmos’ showcases just that, as they deliver hard-driving riffs paired with aggressive, death metal-styled vocals.

The songs cover everything from frosty ‘Dungeons & Dragons’’ action to zombie apocalypses and the perils of outer space. The band tactfully blends these stories with their own emotional charge, giving each track gravity and meaning beyond the initial themes. ‘Winds of the Cosmos’ is a metal monster in a league all its own!

01 Andromeda
02 Revenant
03 Ice Realm
04 Powerthrone
05 Eternal Scourge
06 Steel Chrysalis
07 Undead Renegade
08 Cyberhawk
09 Winds of the Cosmos