Mondocane - Gloria (CD)


Catalogue: FT119
Format: Album
Type: Jewel Case CD
Genre: Black Metal
Country: Sweden
Release date: 09 June 2022
Label: Fallen Temple

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Get ready for an auditory assault with Mondocane’s second full-length album, “Gloria“.

This Swedish band unleashes its mauling Black Metal sound with eight intense tracks, totaling 37 minutes of pure musical mayhem. The Jewel case release showcases the band’s raw and unrelenting energy, with each track delivering a sonic punch to the gut. Besides the crushing Black Metal sounds found on “Gloria“, the CD also includes an 8-page booklet.

In addition to their original material, “Gloria” also includes a tribute to Depeche Mode’s classic hit “Personal Jesus“, reimagined with Mondocane’s signature sound. This album is a must-have for fans of extreme metal and those who appreciate the boundary-pushing spirit of Black Metal. Don’t miss your chance to experience Mondocane’sGloria” – get your copy today!

1. Rats Of Nimh
2. Via Dolorosa
3. Demons (Depeche Mode’s “Personal Jesus” tribute/cover)
4. Witness
5. Gloria
6. Mytus
7. Hydra
8. Soil